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One more chance for Photos with Santa!

Photos with Santa at Sleep Play Love

hello gorgeous!

Thank you so much for coming to Sleep Play Love on Sunday afternoon to get a photo with our very own dear Santa. We were thrilled to see so many local families come out and seeing the children’s little faces as they told Santa all they wished for was the highlight of the day!

Santa Claus

We believe that representation matters and it does all our children good to see that anyone can be anything, and Santa can look like they do!

This event was put together by East Bay Social Justice Minded Families, Sleep Play Love and Ajira Darch Photography who all volunteered their skills, expertise and space to create something beautiful for our community. All told 66 families came through and donated a total of $572 for Covenant House. Thank you!

If you were one of the families who came by to get a photo with Santa, you should have received an email from me. If you haven’t, please send an email to so you won’t miss the notification when your photos are ready for download!

Thank you again!



A match for Bay

Baylor is 7 years old. He has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a blood cancer. After two years in remission, he needs a matching marrow donor, now. Since matching is based on ethnicity, he will most likely need a mixed race donor who is also Asian and Caucasian.

If you are between 18-44 years old, willing and able to sign a consent form and provide a cheek swab, please drop by one of several donor drives, or send for a home kit to take the sample yourself at home! You could save Baylor’s life.

#amatchforbay #willyoumarrowme

East Bay Open Studios



Cameron is showing his work again at The Potter’s Studio as part of the East Bay’s Open Studios which happen annually and present an awesome opportunity to explore the art and artists right here in these neighbourhoods that we live in. We’ve enjoyed picking up the directory and randomly selecting artists to visit. And every one was a memorable experience. Artists are so interesting! We also loved seeing all the children and families and really people of all ages everywhere. Definitely a good Sat afternoon activity for anyone! So this weekend and next, go meet and support your local artists!

Hope you’re planning to be out and about today. We’re heading to the Chocolate and Chalk Art Festival in the Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley, and then we’ll pop in to see Cameron make some pots. And Chésaweh will more than likely join in and make some as well. Come and see Cameron’s gorgeous pots. This jug is one of my favourites and held my wedding anniversary (9 years woohoo!) tulips beautifully. Just seeing them at the kitchen table every morning made me smile.





You’re invited! Cameron Sharp Pottery at The Potter’s Studio Spring Show



Hey everyone! Cameron is participating in his first pottery show, at The Potter’s Studio in Berkeley on the first two weekends in May, 10am – 6pm. His work will be out on the shelves for you to touch and fall in love with and then hopefullly buy! 😀 Please come, have a look and say hello! We’d love to see you there.

Have a look at his blog for more about how he got into pottery and why he loves clay!

Ariel Dance Studio Recital & Fashion Show, San Jose

When Tanisha emailed me to ask if I wanted to work with her, I was immediately excited! I first met her through my work with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area (who by the way are losing just about all their funding and could seriously do with your support to continue their amazing work, so donate or volunteer) and we connected easily.

Tanisha is fierce, creative and a go getter. She’s a mama to five kids, works as a human resources coordinator at St Judes AND also models… and now she’s starting to offer children’s fashion shows! Say it with me… wow!!

This show was so, SO sweet. Oanh Tretter (of Ariel Dance Productions in San Jose) directed the recital, and Tanisha directed the fashion show. It was lovely to watch the kids proudly show off what they learned but still have room to let their personalities shine through.

The boutiques that showed off their clothes were generous. Lots of super cute clothing for little boys and girls got walked down the runway. I’ll post the full list at the end of this post. Let’s get on to the good stuff though, here are the gorgeous little models and dancers!


Here’s one of the dads, ready to capture his little one’s moment in the spotlight, and standing in for me while I check my lighting setup:


Some of the clothes that were modeled. Love the colours!


The performers blowing off a little steam before the show began:


Wonderful dramatic clouds outside the studio… setting the mood for a memorable show!


Some of the most delightful kids ever. I had so much fun photographing them and spent the whole show grinning from ear to ear! Just look at them!





Oh man! I just couldn’t stop choosing more shots to share! Part 2 of this session is coming soon!


Special thanks to all those involved. Please support these amazing businesses!

Ariel Dance Productions
Tiny Tots Baby Boutique
Precious Little Tutus


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I hope you dance (part 2)

Here are those images I was telling you about earlier.







Pure adorableness. (Yes, that’s a word. Look it up. What? It’s not in your dictionary? Well. I’m afraid your dictionary is broken then.)

These images are from a dance recital and fashion show that I shot in San Jose. Pure fun. More soon! As always, I love to hear from you so feel free to get in touch… leave a comment below and tell me what you do when life gets you down in the doldrums!

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Curry Senior Center Gala :: A Salute to Independence


Two weeks ago I had the honour and privilege of photographing an annual gala and awards ceremony benefiting the Curry Senior Center. The gala was held in the breathtaking Crown Room at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

The Curry Senior Center provides services to over 2,000 low-income seniors in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighbourhoods of San Francisco and has been been doing so since 1972. Services include delivering meals, multilingual programs, social opportunities as well as group and individual counseling. They showed a brief video at the ceremony that was eye-opening and moving. I had no idea there were so many seniors struggling in the Bay Area. It made me even more grateful to be participating in a small way to bring more attention to what they are going through.

The staff, volunteers and supporters (as well as the seniors who have used the center) that were in attendance at the gala were so connected and loving that it was an absolute pleasure to be there documenting this event through photography.
























To see more images from this event, visit the gallery here. (It’ll open up as a slideshow)

Simple and true

Oh dear.

My anniversary was yesterday, May 16th. NOT today, May 17th.

Just noticed that yesterday’s post was showing up on the wrong date. Thought about changing it but decided to leave it because it makes me laugh. You see, originally, I wanted us to get married on May 17th. We’d settled on May and I wanted the 17th because we’d met on September 17th. And yes, I’m drawn to that kind of symmetry. I don’t know why but I like it. Unfortunately, May 17th was a Monday in 2004 and Cameron was concerned that people might not be able to take off work to come. So, after my pouting proved ineffective, we settled on May 16th.

Fast forward months later when we were filling out my official government paperwork so I could live and work here, and I went and listed May 17th as our wedding date! To the GOVERNMENT!! Who don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour. Took me a  month or two to realise what I’d done and I was mortified. In fact, at one point I was convinced that secret agents were going to abseil into our tiny apartment in San Francisco and pin me to the ground yelling, ‘who do you work for? WHO do you work for?!’

Yes. My parents always told me I had a powerful imagination.

I wrote them a letter explaining the whole thing. As it turned out, although they didn’t giggle about it, they didn’t seem put off either and just went ahead and corrected my mistake. Not as exciting as what I’d imagined but probably a lot less painful. Ha!


I shot a fundraising gala almost a week and a half ago for the amazing Curry Senior Center and was struck by the simple yet beautiful floral arrangements they had on their tables:



I love it when floral arrangements include plants other than flowers. They’re all so beautiful and striking… and in this case, edible as well! It was sweet. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be big and complicated. It can just be simple and true. More on the Curry Senior Center soon.



BBBSBA Match Reception Pt 2 | San Jose Portrait Photographer

BBBSBA Match Reception Pt 1| San Jose Portrait Photographer

Meeting the people who are a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters Bay Area is always an amazing experience. From the Littles, Bigs and their families, to the donors and the staff. Oh, the staff!! All of those involved so clearly have big, open hearts and the love is everywhere between and around them. Just the kind of place and people I want to spend time with. Boom.

If you are able, volunteer or donate to this life changing organization!

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