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In these streets

Family Portraits at Redwood Regional Park

Ursula and Bruno brought their family and met me at one of my favorite places in Oakland. It’s this wonderful spot where the redwoods grow, thick and tall and glorious. This mama and her family were all love and an absolute delight to photograph.They laughed at all my corny jokes, were almost as silly as me and generally just had fun and went with the flow.

I’m the luckiest person in the world to get to spend time with you and document you as you are, in this moment, with your loved ones. My heart is full and I am grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous family with me!

(You saw a sweet preview of this session here, can’t you just feel the love between these two? Dreamy sigh!!)


If you’re ready to book your portrait session – in the woods, at home or wherever you and yours are most comfortable, send me an email! I’d love to hear from you.

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One more chance for Photos with Santa!

Photos with Santa at Sleep Play Love

hello gorgeous!

Thank you so much for coming to Sleep Play Love on Sunday afternoon to get a photo with our very own dear Santa. We were thrilled to see so many local families come out and seeing the children’s little faces as they told Santa all they wished for was the highlight of the day!

Santa Claus

We believe that representation matters and it does all our children good to see that anyone can be anything, and Santa can look like they do!

This event was put together by East Bay Social Justice Minded Families, Sleep Play Love and Ajira Darch Photography who all volunteered their skills, expertise and space to create something beautiful for our community. All told 66 families came through and donated a total of $572 for Covenant House. Thank you!

If you were one of the families who came by to get a photo with Santa, you should have received an email from me. If you haven’t, please send an email to so you won’t miss the notification when your photos are ready for download!

Thank you again!



In the woods

Big Brother

Baby’s breath



Show Mama Some Love

Happy Tuesday! Like I mentioned yesterday, every day this week I’ll be posting an image of mama love so we can all get in the right frame of mind for Mother’s day this Sunday. Because how can you not when you see all this love beaming out?!

Are you ready? Have you planned some special way to show the mama in your life some love? You know you want to!


Mothers’ Day is coming!

This coming Sunday it’s Mothers’ Day in the US, and we celebrate mothers and motherhood! I know many people think of these official holidays as made solely for commerce and gain and while I can understand that perspective, I like to think of them as markers, opportunities for me to reflect on relationships and priorities and make new choices as needed and celebrate and affirm that connection.

So, this week? I’ll be posting a daily shot of some mama love this week and hope that you will take this opportunity with me to think about those who’ve mothered you in your life and show them a little love! Then take a picture and tag it with #ShowMamaSomeLove so we can all celebrate with you! πŸ˜€ (Only half joking)




p.s. Happy Cinco de Mayo!! πŸ˜€



Beth, Wyatt & Charlotte – a mama and me session at Pt. Pinole

Happy May! Happy workers’ day! Mother’s day is coming!!! πŸ˜€

So you remember that gif I left you with before I went on that crazy ‘locked out of my blog’ adventure last year, right? Well, here are more images from that session, and they’re not moving this time so you can enjoy them a little differently! πŸ˜€ And it seems especially appropriate since it’s a mama and me* session.

*Papa and me or grandma and me or grandpa and me sessions are also available, y’all!

Like many mamas, she’s often taking the photos rather than being in them with her children, so I was SO excited when my friend Beth was up for a session of just her and the kiddos. Beth is an incredible mama and utterly devoted to her kids. She’s ALSO a singer/songwriter, dog walker, lactation counselor and oh, you know, together we created the Bay Area Breastmilk Cooperative. See what I mean? Amazing! Naturally, her kids are just as awesome! Check it out!

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 2


ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 5

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 10

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 9

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 7Β  ajira-darch-photography-mama-and-me-portrait-session

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 11

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 6

ajira darch photography mama and me pt pinole 12


5 ways to prepare for your portrait session

So you’ve booked your portrait session and you’re super excited about your session. Yay! You’re finally going to get some amazing portraits. And then the nerves set in a little. Maybe you should have waited until you lost weight or had more money or had finished decluttering or… there’s always a reason not to, isn’t there?

Well, fear not. I’m going to share five ways you can prepare for your session which will hopefully leave you feeling more relaxed and confident about what’s about to happen!!!






Make a list of questions to ask your photographer, don’t be shy! Or better yet, send that list of questions in an email. Get all the information you need to feel prepared and secure about the process. Many photographers send clients an information packet after booking that answers frequently asked questions. If yours doesn’t, have a look at their blog, facebook page or twitter and then ASK your questions!




Schedule your session with care. Pick a time of day when everyone is rested and well fed, and there’s nothing else to rush off to. That way everyone can relax and focus on enjoying each other instead of watching the clock! If your shoot involves styling or props, make sure you have time enough to get everything together without feeling rushed.




Focus on what you can control – make sure everyone involved knows what to expect, has an outfit picked out and that you’ve talked about what you want to do with the images. Bring as much or as little as you like to the session, whatever works. You could bring toys, props and clothing options or simply come in whatever you’re wearing.




You’ve done your research, reviewed the portfolio and chosen to fork over your hard earned cash to this person. Trust that your photographer will capture images that delight you.




Don’t worry, keep breathing. We’ll make amazing portraits. You and yours just have a good time together and really take the opportunity to enjoy each other, and let your photographer work her magic!

Hope that helps. If you’ve got any questions, give me a shout!

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