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My son is turning five this month and so I’m thinking a lot about the last five years and how much we’ve all grown, how much love and life and laughter we’ve shared, how many struggles we’ve overcome… mostly about the love and life and laughter though, I’ll admit it.

The biggest lessons for me as a parent, come from Chésaweh’s constant invitations to be present, to live in this moment. It’s remarkable, and when I’m open to it and receptive then it can be breathtaking. I just want to remind myself of that, when I inevitably get overwhelmed or caught up and forget.

This was taken last summer, when I was shooting some of Cameron’s pots with my assistant. 😀

ajira darch photography my smiling boy

30 second dance party!

Every day is park day

Protected: Sam and family, lifestyle family portraits in Berkeley

Sweet Edie hugs…


brother and sister.

So many sessions to share with you! I’m still sick but thankfully, well on the mend. I even managed to drag myself out of bed AND the house yesterday for a few hours when we ventured into the city. I’ll post about that adventure later.

For now, I just want to leave you with a preview from a super sweet family portrait session. It was my favourite kind- there was so much love and connection there, I felt full being a part of it.

So. A taste of what’s to come.



Everytime Chésaweh has seen these pictures, he’s pointed and said, ‘that’s me. and that’s my baby sister.’ Obviously it isn’t, but it makes me smile because I think he’s saying, ‘that could be me. and that could be my baby sister.’ 😀 Here’s the whole love-ly family, smooching on the littlest one! mwah!



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Rolled up jeans & sand covered toes.


belly laughs and giggles

faux hawk baby


Sister sister

Nissa + Greg + Emory + Lucy | Walnut Creek family portraits

Feyi + Esosa + Og | Vacaville family portraits










Feyi & Esosa – thank you so much for a wonderful morning with your sweet, sweet family! Og is too cute for words and I can’t wait to see how she grows… we could make the happy feet shot a tradition for an easy visual! 😀 I am so glad we got to have mama Esosa in the session as well. You welcomed me so warmly into your home that I felt homesick! Hope you love these as much as I do!

 Edited to add: From all the comments, it became apparent that I wasn’t spelling Og’s name correctly! My apologies! All fixed now. 😀

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