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Big Brother

Lego mama

Met this beautiful mama in a Lego class that both our older children were taking. We’d talk while she worked on a quilt for the baby, and I took pictures of everyone and everything around us. What can I say? Photography is my meditation. So in many ways, it was inevitable that this would happen. Fate, even! 😀 Ha!!

Here are a few of my favorites…





Lots more to come!


Drop me a line to book your session now!

Almost there…

Baby’s breath

Pregnancy Portraits

….and we’re back!

So, somehow fatcow managed to figure out my issue after all since my last post and they’ve already cleared it up as you can see.


I’m just grateful it’s resolved.

I’ll be back to share some pics again soon! It really has been far too long.


I’m working on it

As you can see, I’ve been hacked and my blog has some gross looking background talking about ‘Like Free Stuff?’ etc. Please ignore and don’t go to that website!!! It has nothing to do with me and I’m trying to get rid of it.

My host is absolutely no help – as usual. I cannot tell you how unhelpful FatCow is. If you’re in the market for a host, go with someone else. Anyone else. They’re expensive and when you have a problem, it ALWAYS (literally without fail) turns out that whatever it is JUST happens to be something you’re not covered for and they can only help you if you pay additional fees for some special add-on. I’ve been with them for years and it’s happened every time.

Speaking of- I’ll soon be in the market for a new host. Any recommendations?


You can pay me in Skittles

Weekly Prompt Takeover – #wpmyview

Hello you!!

If you’re visiting from the #wpmyview feed, thanks for stopping by! I’m so excited to be hosting this week’s Seen From A Different Angle – a weekly photo prompt by Shelly from Waldman Photography.

This week the prompt is #square and I’ll be posting an image inspired by that prompt every day on Instagram. If we’re not already connected there, please look me up @ajira. And join in on this week’s prompt! Read my post about the prompt on Shelly’s blog and don’t forget to hashtag your square inspired images this week with #wpmyview so we can all see and enjoy them!

To start us off, here’s a shot of the edifice of the marvelous Getty Museum in LA. Love the geometry of that place.



I’ve been rather quiet recently… lots going on and I hope to share more this week. Thanks so much for reading. Keep creating! xoxo


Pretty pink rose


Register as a bone marrow donor this weekend! #amatchforbay

A match for Bay

Baylor is 7 years old. He has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, a blood cancer. After two years in remission, he needs a matching marrow donor, now. Since matching is based on ethnicity, he will most likely need a mixed race donor who is also Asian and Caucasian.

If you are between 18-44 years old, willing and able to sign a consent form and provide a cheek swab, please drop by one of several donor drives, or send for a home kit to take the sample yourself at home! You could save Baylor’s life.

#amatchforbay #willyoumarrowme

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