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Baby’s breath

brother and sister.

So many sessions to share with you! I’m still sick but thankfully, well on the mend. I even managed to drag myself out of bed AND the house yesterday for a few hours when we ventured into the city. I’ll post about that adventure later.

For now, I just want to leave you with a preview from a super sweet family portrait session. It was my favourite kind- there was so much love and connection there, I felt full being a part of it.

So. A taste of what’s to come.



Everytime Chésaweh has seen these pictures, he’s pointed and said, ‘that’s me. and that’s my baby sister.’ Obviously it isn’t, but it makes me smile because I think he’s saying, ‘that could be me. and that could be my baby sister.’ 😀 Here’s the whole love-ly family, smooching on the littlest one! mwah!



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Shannon, Peter & Anneliese | Oakland family portraits











Thanks for sharing your morning with me. I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your family for a little bit! And, I can’t lie, I did want to take Anneliese home with me at the end. I really did. She’s pretty happy with you guys though, it’s pretty loud and clear and beautiful.

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Jennifer + Jesse + Eric + Cory + Aaron


Jennifer and Jesse are the lucky parents of three precocious, energetic and affectionate boys. During the time we spent together one weekend morning, I was constantly struck by how close this family was and in particular, how closely knit the boys were. Their individual personalities shone through, clear and bright and yet, the connection between them was just as powerful.










Jennifer + Jesse – thank you so much for sharing your lovely family with me! I loved meeting each of you. Seeing you two lovebirds, so tender with each other gave me hope! Ha! Thanks again and I hope you love what we created as much as I do!! 😀

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