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Nothing like flying in daddy’s arms {Family portraits at Pt Pinole}

A boy and his babu

I’ve been feeling homesick lately. More so than usual. Missing my parents and siblings.

Thankful for the internet because it makes staying connected a little easier. Even more thankful for my dad’s work visits because we get to see him then. Even though it never feels like it’s long enough or often enough, I am glad that it happens at all.

Here are a few frames from the last time we saw him, back in May. This was on his first day here. We literally drove straight from the airport to the park so HRG could run around. With his babu. He had a blast! My dad was a good sport and seemed to enjoy himself too… even with me channeling the paparazzi!


In case you’re wondering, there are still a few slots available on our mini-session days. 😀

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Mini vs The Whole Shebang

Doesn’t that sound like the title of an awesome adventure story? Okay, I’m putting the chai down. Ha! I’m talking about this kind of mini though, not this one. Yes- mini photography sessions! Yay- I hear you scream!! I know, you’re excited. 😀

As you may know (ahem, read the post before this one)… I’m offering three days of mini sessions (October 30th is all about Halloween and Nov 5th and 6th are all about you! Hahaha. They’re all about you!) this year! I’ve had a few people ask me how they would know whether a mini session is best for them or if it would be better to go with a full session… so here’s my response:

Mini sessions are great for folks who want to see if my style (or boutique photography in general) suits them. It’s a minimal investment but at the end of it you still get incredible, custom imagery that is literally all about you. If you’ve only ever had the ‘sit over there and smile’ kind of session, this would be a great way to check out how much fun, beauty and artistry I pour into capturing spontaneous moments of connection between you and your family in a relaxed and natural environment. It may also be a good fit if you think your kids (or you!) might really struggle with a session longer than 30 minutes. It’s also a great way to bookend your yearly full session… especially if you have a family with small kids or babies… because they grow SO fast, and you know you want to have in print what they’re like and what they’re doing RIGHT now.



Full sessions provide a much more custom experience however since we’ll talk before hand about what you’re wanting to do with the images (wall art in your home? an album?) and we’ll have the time we need to make sure that we get a range of emotions and action in a variety of spots with as many clothing changes as you wish. We can create a theme or setting for the session and have time to play and get comfortable while capturing a large and varied range of images you can choose from. If you (or your kids) take a while to warm up, a full session may be better for you as well so that you’ve got a chance to relax and we can minimise the ‘deer in headlights’ expressions. 😀 Lastly, if you’re all about getting a slice of your daily life captured, definitely go with a full or lifestyle session! I’m excited to come over!





Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please give me a shout!

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Taya | sneak peek

Oooh, cheeky!

Wrote this a couple nights ago but forgot to schedule it. Still getting used to it.

It’s almost seven thirty so I’ll be off to put the baby to bed soon. I have to laugh at myself for a minute though because I came in here about twenty minutes ago to write a blog post. And I have several drafts already of what I want to say. And some are in my head but a few are actually saved as drafts. Which I really love by the way. Anyway, I’m exhausted. It’s been a long day. Already. My sister is still not well, my son is still teething and boisterous and curious. I’ve had a few flare-ups, in a much shorter time period than usual and I went for a one hour hike today, pushing HRG in the stroller the whole way! So, I think it’s okay for me to say I’m exhausted, right? It’s not an exaggeration.

I’m really hoping his second year molars finish coming in soon. Whoa! How did you mamas get through this? Goodness. So far, it’s his indefatigable openness, loving spirit and super munchable cheeks that are keeping me in the game! Ha!

Can I be super cheeky and mention that seeing your comments really makes me smile? And it inspires new posts. Honest. It is sooooooo good to read your thoughts and it makes this feel a lot more worthwhile as well as more link an interaction. Which I love. Your support is incredibly appreciated.


If you’re visiting the blog and not saying anything, PLEASE DO! I’d love to hear from you. And to visit your little corner of the internet as well!

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