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Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Fields

Francis + Sergio + Sienna + Malena | China Beach, San Francisco


Francis and Sergio.

Can’t you just tell that they are beautiful souls?

Oh! And then their delightful daughters! When Francis and I first chatted about the session, I was super stoked to hear about these two. And in person, they were even better! I loved Sienna’s energy and wild spirit. She’s fierce and fearless. Malena is more of an observer, super curious and I just know that she’s taking it all in.

Gah. I love this family. Cool cave, right?!

I went home with my heart so full. Thank you- Francis, Sergio, Sienna & Malena for letting me in to your loving family for a delightful afternoon. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it!

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Amy & Chris {expecting}

As promised, here’s a few more of my favourites from Amy’s and Chris’ session. What a great way to mark a monumental milestone in their lives… their first baby! I loved that this session was just as much about celebrating their love as it was about the new life their love made!!

We met up at a coffee shop near their home in the city and when I saw them together… how affectionate, goofy and earnest they were… I knew it was going to be a fabulous session!





A quick stroll to Alamo Square gave us this glorious evening light…






Love squared!


Um yeah. Amy IS this gorgeous.


These next ones just make me smile from ear to ear.





This is how we spent most of our time together- laughing uproariously!


Amy and Chris – thank you so much for spending your evening with me. I had a ridiculously good time with you and almost invited myself over for a sleepover! 😀 Although it was the first time we’d met, it quickly felt like we’d known each other for ages. Your warmth, humour and tenderness for each other had me smiling all the way home! I’m so glad your little one arrived safe and sound… and hope to meet him soon!



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A mother’s arms hold the world

On a foggy weekend morning at the Legion of Honour in the city, I had the heartwarming privilege of capturing Betsabe and her mum who was visiting from Mexico with my camera. They were nurturing, affectionate and oh! So! Beautiful! We laughed, they smiled and my heart grew heavy and full with all the love surrounding us.











More from this session soon. Thanks again for a gorgeous morning, las modelos!


(Yep. I just posted an inside joke on my blog. Don’t hate me ‘cos I’m beautiful.)


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Unsung heroes – Curry Senior Center staff

This post is dedicated to the amazing staff at the Curry Senior Center. I’ve had the opportunity to meet them briefly and witness their work on two occasions now and have been deeply impressed by how connected and present they are. They really model what it takes to serve. In that larger than life, deeply wholehearted way. You know?

Photographing their gala at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco was amazing- see some of those images here. A while before that though, I had the chance to photograph the staff and seniors at their mealsite in the city… and wow. My heart had expanded by the time I left. I’ll post some photos of the seniors tomorrow but for now, I want to leave you with the faces of those who serve a mighty purpose and do it with grace and love.













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I love hearing from you too, and the easiest ways to get in touch are listed below. Just click! 😀


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Helen | San Francisco Lifestyle Photographer

Just before Helen headed off for a year in Korea, we spent an afternoon together so I could make pictures of her doing some of her favourite things and saying goodbye (for a little while) to some of her favourite places in the neighbourhood of San Francisco that she grew up in.


We started out at a local diner (with a yummy breakfast) that Helen’s been visiting with her family since she was a kid.










Then we went across the street to her parents’ dry cleaning store.










Helen, hope Korea is treating you well. Can’t wait to see and hear about everything you did there. You’re beautiful, thanks for a lovely afternoon. (Stay tuned for more images from this awesome session!)




Sister dear

My sister is visiting. She’s doing her masters at NYU right now and I am loving that, for a while at least, we’re in the same country for a change. Even if she does live on the other side of it. I’m so proud of her. She’s super smart and determined and strategic. Not to mention gorgeous.

More coming soon about an exciting addition to our offerings! Yay, 2011!! And what an auspicious day to announce it on, right?

oh yeah, and I moved the blog

We used to be there. But now we’re here.

Told you this year’s word was move! Ha!

It’s been rainy and cold here but luckily I love the rain, and although I prefer heat to cold, I can deal with it. Especially when I get to see such drama in the sky:

As you’ll see if you click on the above links, some of the blog is still in progress. I haven’t blogged this way in a while so it’s taking some getting used to. Excuse me while I work out the kinks. And if you have any tips, resources, recommendations or advice, feel free to share. I’ll take all the help I can get!

My word for 2011: Move

That’s my word for this year. Move. Last year, it was Courage. It’s been a year full of high highs and low lows. I am ready for what lies ahead. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. What a year it’s been.

Chésaweh had his first birthday! My baby. A boy already. Takes my breath away, every day. What an amazing creature he is. So bold, fearless, beautiful, determined, energetic, persistent, methodical, cheerful, soulful, musical, unbridled, uninhibited, wild, thoughtful, gentle, joyful, quiet, mellow, intense little being he is. And growing, growing… always in the moment.

I won a camera! OMG, yes. The sheer craziness. At a moment when I was thinking that perhaps it was too much for me right now. I won a 1D. As if the universe was saying, yeah, keep doing this. For a while. And I love it. What a thrill to get more that looks like what I see. It’s just wonderful. And oddly, it inspires me to work with other cameras as well. It’s lovely.

We moved. Just fifteen minutes down the highway from where we lived before. And yet, it does seem like a whole world away. Our neighbourhood is way cool. We’ve seen most of them out and about, tending to their homes, being with their families and I dig it. Hope to get to know them better. I’m still covering the entire Bay Area and still visit Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley and Oakland just about every week for one errand or another. I’m still in love with the Kensington and sometimes drive around it loving on the homes there. It’s gorgeous. I’m in the city a lot less but always happy to have a reason to come to San Francisco proper.

Myofascial Pain Syndrome returned in full effect. Joy. Not. That was my sarcastic voice. It sucks. Don’t have much more to say about it right now.

I applied for SOAR again! Oh yes. Why not, right? And bonus is I’m totally motivated to get my house in order just in case Me Ra winds up coming over like she did with the last winners. Ha!

I did my first mini-sessions. Awesome.
I second shot a bouquet of weddings. Stupendous.
I shot more portraits. Heart warming and just plain thrilling.  Is that an odd way to describe it? Do you get what I mean? It was so thoroughly enjoyable. When I’m shooting, I just relax into seeing and going zen. Connecting and opening. Love it.

Wow. This is a long post for me. And I haven’t even added photographs yet!

Doesn’t this disco ball ornament and blue tree just make you want to dance? You know you do… shake your body!! Ha.

I envision moving my body. Exercising every day. I’ll be dancing. Walking. Playing catch. Jumping rope.

I envision moving away from the junk food I’ve been settling for on far too many occasions and creating even more of the healthy, delicious, pretty food that actually nourishes our bodies.

I envision moving forward in my life and in my business. Leaving behind bad habits and the excuses that I’ve let in my own way. No more. I’m just going to do.

I envision being moved by the universe more, by allowing myself to be present and conscious and open more. When I’m awake and aware, so much more in life evokes all those glorious feelings of connection, purpose and zen. I want more of that.

What’s your word for 2011?

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