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hi everyone,

You know me. I’m a lover of natural light. And the challenge of shooting with available light is one I relish.

After learning more about manipulating lights in some recent workshops however, I got really excited to see this contest that Tamara Lackey, CreativeLive and Westcott are running. They’re giving away a small studio setup which would be perfect for me to get a hang of all things light setup on. I already know exactly where in our house I’m going to put it. Shhhh, don’t tell Cameron. Hahahaha!

I entered a recent favourite shot of HRG (His Royal Gorgeousness) that I took while we were out on one of our hikes. Whoever gets the most votes for their photo, wins. Pretty simple, right? And I really ought to have mentioned this to y’all before because you can vote once every day but, oh well, here we are. Here’s the photo I entered.

He’s rather cute, right? Gorgeous, even. Ha!!

I love this shot for many reasons, but the main one is his expression… he’s looking straight at me and telling me ‘go!’. He’s a lover of motion, that one. But then, I’ve known that since he was nine weeks in the womb so it’s not a big surprise! We also had to share some of the story behind the photograph, so I wrote a little about how much this shot reminds me that instead of trying to set up a shot, it can be so much more magical to instead involve my ‘subjects’ in an activity (like hiking around the woods at Pt. Pinole) and then just capture what happens naturally. So much more fun for everyone that way! I’m sure HRG would agree!! 😀

So. Please go vote for me. Do it for HRG. Do it ‘cos you LURVE me. Do it ‘cos you’re just tired of hearing me go on about it. HA! Mostly. DO IT!!!

And yes. I am going to remind you to vote again tomorrow. Possibly several times. You’ll forgive me, right?

In case you need the straight up link to get to it:

Thank you ever so much!


  1. Reply
    ajira February 5, 2011

    I know, right?!! Just wait until you meet him in person!!

  2. Reply
    Karima February 5, 2011

    He’s bottom lip is the cutest things EVER! And the shape of his eyes 🙂

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