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I met MaryKate through my friend Helen, who started her own business as an independent bookseller with Barefoot Books. Have you heard of them? AWESOME books for kids. I love the artwork and that the stories are not only entertaining and educational but also socially and environmentally conscious. Anyway, I was excited to support another mama business by donating a raffle prize of a mini-session. MaryKate drew the lucky ticket and won the prize so I got to meet her family and photograph them. Lucky for me, her family was super sweet and they lived just a couple streets away from me! You’ve got to love a commute like that!

Thank you so much for having me over at your home! I so enjoyed meeting you all and photographing you was delightful! Hope you enjoy your images!!

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    ajira January 11, 2011


    I am so glad that I got to do them! It was really wonderful to meet the whole family and photograph you all. I hope you enjoy the rest of them! Thanks for the good wishes!!

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    toni rossi January 7, 2011

    Thank you very much for the prize pictures! We have not had our photographs taken professionally since 1998. That was when we had our sixth child, and the picture place moved or closed so we did not have a chance to get an updated version. We appreciate your effort and time as well as the gift. I know it was tough working with a big family, and it is my hope that we can get another one done with the whole family soon enough! Happy New Year to you and yours. It is always great to meet another one of our lovely neighbors~I wish for you to prosper throughout the new year!

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    ajira January 7, 2011

    @Lynde I know, right? And there was one brother missing! Love large families. Reminds me of my own!!

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    lynde January 7, 2011

    LOVE the new bloggy blog!! it is lovely and the link worked!
    the images are lovely and the colors are fabu! the family is so fortunate to have so many lovely children. 🙂 looks like you had fun!

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