Have you celebrated your Goddess lately?

You may not know this about me but I am a full on hippy dippy, nature loving, tree hugging, soul baring lover of all things natural, authentic, earnest and true. Being open to life and love is what I think being on this gorgeous little planet is all about.

Like most humans, however, I am a mass of contradictions. As much as I love cloth diapers, organic food and free range meat… I do also have a rather guilty love of Starbucks, In ‘n Out and Ben & Jerry. As much as hiking sooths my soul, so does high speed internet and wi-fi. Gotta love wi-fi. Watching the sun rise is an instant high but then so is playing with the latest Apple gadgets. And give me a paintbrush, knitting needles, wooden spoon and I’m one very happy human. Hand me a camera and I’ll be in the zone for hours.

What can I tell you? I’ve never fit in a box and by the looks of things, I never will. How about you?

As Valentine’s day approaches I can’t help but think a little cynically of how much this little homage to all things love has become rather commercialized. Then I remember that behind the stuffed animals, corny cards, flowers and chocolate lies a deeper sentiment. A sentiment that the red painted everywhere is meant only to symbolise:

Love and affection.
Lust and passion.

All words that I hope describe what you feel for the one you cherish.

Somewhere out there (sue me, I can’t help but think in song lyrics sometimes) there’s a woman who, like me, is a mass of contradictions. She’s natural and techie. She’s confident and scared. She’s giving it her all and maybe also feeling like it may not be enough. With everything else going on in her life, with all the plans she’s pursuing and all the goals she’s serving, perhaps she’s forgotten that she’s a goddess. A beautiful, inspiring, powerful, phenomenal woman who may or may not look like a Victoria’s Secret model but boy, do her eyes smolder when she gazes on the object of her affection. Boy, do her eyes fill to the brim with love. Boy, do her arms hold, caress, touch, bolster and push her loves just as they need it. And God help whoever stands in her way!

I want to photograph this woman. I want to show her what I see when I look at her. I want to photograph her face, in all it’s vulnerability… in the moments between guffaws, when it’s relaxed and open and beautiful. I want to photograph her exhaustion and pain, her triumph and glory. I want to photograph the curve of her neck swooping into her shoulder, the jut of her hip, the swell of her thighs, the bend of her knee. I want to photograph her spinning, letting go and trusting. I want to photograph her naked or dressed. Running or still. Inside and out.

Are you this woman? Do you know this woman? Email me and let’s talk about booking a Goddess Session.

Own it. Work it!


  1. Reply
    ajira February 5, 2011

    Thanks love! You KNOW I would love to do a Goddess Session with you! It’s on for when we’re next on the same continent, ‘kay? I miss you. Oh, and you’re gorgeous yourself missy! 😀

  2. Reply
    Karima February 5, 2011

    I think this is gorgeous. You’re gorgeous. This is a beautiful piece. I’m so happy that you’re doing what you love to do. I’d like a Goddess Session myself.

  3. Reply
    ajira February 3, 2011

    Ah Judith! That’s the thing though… come as you are, and I’ll show you how gorgeous you are! Truly. Take a peek in the mirror today and see if you can spot the goddess in you. ;D

  4. Reply
    Judith I February 2, 2011

    Ajira, Oh my goodness, I love this, just wish I had the confidence…

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