Marching for babies, in San Francisco

I’m (along with Chésaweh of course) doing a March for Babies on April 30th, in San Francisco. I’m doing it for me, because it’s a 6.25mile walk and moving is my new best friend. I’m doing it because my older sister was born prematurely and thankfully survived.

I’m doing it for my web friends Jeramy and Sharon, because they were very recently touched by this in the most evoking of ways. I’m part of their walking team- Team: Anne & Jilian. In memory of Anne, who was here for only a short time but was like a beam of light that touched everyone around her with love. In honour of Jillian, because she’s a fierce one and we need more fierce women in the world.

Please come walk with us, or donate!

I’m doing it because I’m grateful for babies and I think they deserve our love, blood, sweat and tears.


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    ajira February 19, 2011

    Karima, I don’t think I knew that. Love to you.

    Oh, wow! I can’t believe How generous friends are! Thank you so much for the donations!

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    Karima February 14, 2011

    My sister was premature too.

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    Linda February 13, 2011

    What time and where is this?

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