Oooh, I think I like planning again

I decided that it might make things a little easier for me if I just went ahead and made a vague plan about what I was going to post on the blog. I’m taking it easier on myself though (approaching it the same way I approached exercising recently) and making it okay if I have the occasional slip or change everything completely.

My goal though, is to post something everyday. Being able to save drafts and schedule posts has made this so much more manageable for me at this point in my life. Some days leave me more wiped out than others and sometimes there’s just too much else to do. You know? So, here’s my posting goal:

Monday : images from a session

Tuesday: C’est moi (just whatever random thoughts about myself I feel like yabbering on about)

Wednesday: I like the idea of a picture being worth a thousand words so I may just post an image with little to no words

Thursday: another session

Friday: Whatever SOAR exercise I’m working on since I’ve commited to doing all the exercises this year

Saturday: yet another session

Sunday: gratitude. Just talking about anything I’m feeling especially grateful for at the time

I love that this gives me a sense of what I’m doing next but also is vague enough to really fit in with whatever I’m up to at the time. Best of all, some of these I can set up in advance. Which means that if I get a large chunk of time, say on a Sunday afternoon, I can get several blog posts done and just set them up to publish in the coming days. Sorry if that rubs the magic off a little. Ha!

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it. This week, I’m also trying out making a plan for which sessions I’m going to post when etc. I’m excited to try this out. Do any of you do this planning malarkey? How does it work for you? Does it help or restrict you?


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    Karima February 15, 2011

    The planning.

    And no, it doesn’t really work. I have 3 big things that i try to get through everyday, and then the others I just pat myself on teh back of i accomplish them, if i dont, no biggy, they just get moved to tomorrow’s mental list of things to do.
    The 3 big things are:
    1. 5 meals a day
    2. Gym 4 times a week
    3. Study and work.
    I do well with these. Then I’m tired.

  2. Reply
    ajira February 8, 2011

    What are you putting on your to do list? And did you?

  3. Reply
    Karima February 8, 2011

    Maybe I should do it now. Instead of lying here reading your blog…

  4. Reply
    Karima February 8, 2011

    I’m planning to put it on my to do list.

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