Sunset {a thousand words}


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    ajira February 10, 2011

    hahaha!! How did you know it was Pt Pinole? 😀

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    Shelly February 9, 2011

    Holy Vestland Fjord! (yes that’s a type of dairy/beef cow). This is a beautiful image. Love the broken posts in the foreground and the textured clouds in the sky. Pt. Pinole is truly striking in this image. Well done my friend. Keep it coming.

  3. Reply
    ajira February 9, 2011

    I know, right?! Oh, goody Michelle!! Can’t wait to see what you’ve captured!

  4. Reply
    Michelle February 9, 2011

    The sunsets have been gorgeous lately!!! I can’t help but stop and take a pic when I am out driving!

  5. Reply
    Karima February 9, 2011


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