Whoa, Nelly!

10. Well. I’m learning that I need to schedule a lot more posts so that they’re just ready to go. Because if not, then long silences happen. Which may not be bothering anyone but me, but they are bothering me. So. Here I am, scheduling some. Hopefully there won’t be any significant silence for a bit!!

09. I’m so excited to be talking to a few prospective clients about amazing projects- a birth, a newborn session, family portraits, senior center portraits and a wedding. 😀 Covering all grounds. You know how we do. Plus, I have lots of sessions from last year to blog still. So, there is lots coming. If you know someone getting married, having a baby, or wanting to mark this point in their lives for whatever reason, give me a shout. You know I’d love to meet them!

08. Did you have an awesome Valentine’s Day? How did you celebrate love btw? I had great plans but in the end I just wound up spending the day with my boy, with lots of cuddling since we were both feeling a little poorly. Then Cameron came home from work and we cuddled with him too. We’ll bake those strawberries & cream shortbread cookies I had planned (and never got to) this week for sure though and I’ll remember to take (and post) pics. I’m excited about them!

07. I get super frustrated with the smallest problems with ‘to do’ apps. To the point that I now have my task list spread out over something like six or seven apps. Ridiculous. And totally not helpful. Really now. Tsk. For some reason I can’t find anything that I really like that’s free. Which is a total bummer because the app I’m in love with? Costs $50!! Which seems a tad excessive. What do you think?

06. My favourite colour is brown. It boggles my mind that there are SO many different shades of it and each one is gorgeous!! Plus it goes well with everything.

05. I need to get back on with my almost daily hikes. It’s been raining a lot and we’ve been on the verge of a cold so rather cocooned at home for the last little bit. It’s been lovely and cozy but also rather food centered. Fun but not sustainable. We’re back this week.

04. I’ve started journaling more often again. Karen Walrond reminded me in an interview of writing everything in one notebook instead of trying to keep a bunch of different ones for different purposes. Cameron’s recommended it in the past and I’ve tried it but fell into bad habits. Giving it another go. We’ll see how it goes.

03. I’m listening to a LOT of Bob Marley at the moment. The man is just genius. Here’s on of my absolute favourites:

02. My office is coming along. Slowly but surely. I’m excited about what this might wind up looking like.

01. I framed one of my paintings. Now I just have to decide where I’m going to hang it.


  1. Reply
    Michelle February 22, 2011

    Scheduling the posts is the only way I get them done! 🙂

    I would love to see your painting!

  2. Reply
    Johlandi February 22, 2011

    You paint???? That’s GREAT!!! I should have know! I want to paint nice stuff but need to go for classes, one of my goals in life.

    I have never in my life celebrated Valentines day, because the once that I did have one when it was Valentine’s day we had to work the evening, so I think it sucks. This year I found out it’s actaully called “Singles Awerness Day” what do you think of that?


  3. Reply
    Karima February 22, 2011

    Picture of the painting?

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