Light and love.

I know. You’re excited. Another list of random stuff. Yay! HA!!

11. I like circles. Always have. I dream of living in a round house, with a round courtyard in the middle. Preferably with a baobab tree growing right through it.

10. It was my son’s birthday last week. His second. My son is two! TWO!

09. Without someone to reign me in, I get all lost in the dream of planning things sometimes and forget about the practical aspects- like how long it’ll take to make a letter C out of wood and then wrap fabric around it. It looks even cooler than it sounds. Promise. It always amuses me that although Cameron and I are both artists, he is so much more of a planner and measurer than I am (and thank goodness!!). If it were up to me, we’d just make it all up as we go along. And wind up with a lot of sticky fabric. But hey- we’d get to peel glue off our hands, and that is ALWAYS fun!! Seriously… Oh. You never thought that was fun? I did!!

08. I think peeling glue off your hands is fun. Hahaha. Seriously, it’s like peeling skin after a sunburn. Without the pain. Hahaha.

07. My friend Kirsty is coming to visit me from Australia and I can barely contain my excitement. SO excited.

06. Birthday parties for toddlers are bedlam. Fun, hilarious, loving bedlam.

05. I miss my family and friends all over the world.

04. Drawing with crayons is making a comeback in my life, thanks to a certain toddler.

03. One of my favourite things to do with my family is make art. We paint, draw, sculpt, collage… sewing, knitting and découpage are next!

02. My soulsisterfriend Karima, asked me if it’s light and love in my house, 24/7. I have to say, that it really is. All the time. Bless.

01. It’s light and love out in the world too. We just have to open our hearts and eyes to it.


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    Karima March 29, 2011

    Nice list. And beeyoooooootifull wondrous photograph.

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