Shoes, thanks and two.

11. I really like these shoes. They’re pretty.


10. I found this article (illustrating the first year of mother and baby development) absolutely fascinating.


09. Do you have a bucket list? I’ve written one of these every few years since I was a teenager, and I love coming across an old one and seeing how many I get to cross off. For me, there’s something powerful about writing down my goals, plans, intentions, dreams. How about you? I have a 111 in 1111 list I made this year. It started as a 101 in 1001 but being as corny as I am I figured I ought to take inspiration from it being 2011. Hey, it makes sense to me!


08. I’m exhausted lately. And completely overwhelmed. My dearest friend reminded me the other day that I could just keep putting one foot in front of the other until I get where I’m going. I’m giving that a shot. 😀


07. The painting. Well. There are two paintings actually but I’ve found a frame for one and not the other. Only… Cameron doesn’t agree with my choice of frame so… I’m considering whether I want to change it or not. Once I decide, I’ll shoot the paintings and post them. By then, I may have more paintings…. feeling very pulled towards doing a self-portrait lately. Just have to find my other brushes and my oil paints.


06. I finished unpacking my books! Woohooo!! It’s only taken, what?, seven or eight months! Ha!!


05. The office is not finished. I was hoping I could get it all set up in Feb but no go. I’m pushing on with it though and will post before/after pics as soon as it’s done.


04. My little boy is turning two at the end of this month. Gah! Two!! You’ll be seeing a lot of him on the blog this month. So… no different than usual, right?


03. At some point, I will stop with this lists and just write something. Really. I will. For the moment, I’m finding it soothing. Yes. I just said that lists soothe me. I’m not ashamed of being a nerd.


02. My friend, Stephanie Elie, entered Clean Start Challenge 2011 and needs your votes to win $10,000 for her charity! More on that soon.


01. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For reading this blog and leaving your thoughts. For participating in my feedback poll. For connecting with me on Facebook and Twitter. For supporting my March for Babies. My heart is full.




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    Nicky March 15, 2011

    Sorry you are exhausted! Hope you feel better!

    You paint? I cannot wait to see the paintings! I love your lists. I learns so much about you my friend! I need to go back and read the others!!

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