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My friend and SOAR sister, Stephanie, is leading Team 1 on the Clean Start Challenge. Please vote for her team as they explore ways we can turn our passions into our work so they can win $10,000 for their charity, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). How awesome is that? You know you want to!!


On her team page you’ll see video posts of Stephanie as she worked on the team purpose and refined their goal. Watch her interview The Go To Mom Kimberley Clayton Blaine and Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks. Always amazing to hear from people creating and doing what they love. So powerful and inspiring.   (In fact, I’m excited to say that you can expect some more interviews right here.)

So. Let me start off by sharing a little about Stephanie with you.

AD: How did you become involved with LifeTimeMoms?
SE: I was actually introduced and invited to join Lifetime Moms through Jessica Smith. She asked me to be her co-channel leader! She had to leave, however, so I took on the role of Channel Leader for the Digital Channel but she WILL be back, joining me again as a co-channel leader soon. I had admired her blog for awhile and she created a skype chat room/course for people interested in blogging that I was a part of. It was probably about 3 years ago. What’s funny is that I started writing scripts when I was in high-school and actually would watch Liftime movies hoping to eventually write a script for the network. So its kinda ironic that I’m working for Lifetime now!

AD: Wow! So, by day you’re a techie… right? And by night, a blogger. Not to mention a wife and mother to two kids… and PHOTOGRAPHER of course.
SE: Yes. Basically. I’m a web producer by day then at night, after the kids go to bed I manage my blog, online store, my lifetime articles… and photography, yes.

AD: pheh-yewww! That sounds rough and full. How and why did you get started in blogging and in photography?
SE: Well, I actually went to journalism school and recieved my degree in PR, but prior to that I was a screenwriting hobbyist. So I always enjoyed writing. When I launched my first store it was suggested I start a blog to help promote the business and so I did and then just couldn’t stop writing…

As far as photography goes, my father is a photographer so I’ve been around cameras for as long as I can remember. My Dad bought me my first SLR when I was in high school and I took a few classes in college. I actually wanted to go to photography school but elected not to when people suggested I find something more “secure”. So photography went on the back burner until I had kids. I was desperately trying to get those dreamy/ creamy backgrounds in my pictures of the kids with a point and shoot and when I realized I couldn’t I bought a DSLR and again haven’t been able to put it down.

AD: It’s so awesome to hear more about your story!! What happened to that first SLR?
SE: The kids use it as a prop for my pics! 😀

AD: Hahaha! Does it still work?
SE: I think so but I haven’t bought film in ages.

AD: Grrrrlllllll!! Get some film!
SE: Hahahaha! It’s a Minolta. It’s funny ‘cos the kids always try and look on the back of it to preview the pictures.

You know what? I’m realizing now that my event title Reinventing your Dreams really applies to me. Everything I am doing now is what I always wanted to do but was too scared to try back then.

AD: Okay. So… tell me ALL the details about your event! When, where, who, what, why?
SE: Okay so the event took place last Tuesday March 1st on my Dad’s b-day. 😀 It was at Giggles N Hugs which is a family owned business that provides really good food and play space for the kids and free wi-fi for those that are interested. I invited 4 speakers:

Sarah Shaw

Ciaran Blumenfeld

Carley Knoblock

Stephanie Piche

My concept was to have a networking mixer with speakers that would allow time for people to network. What I was hoping for was to allow people to share what their talents are and what they want to do in the hopes that people would be able to exchange services… For example a web designer might meet a copywriter and swap services. That was my dream. It didn’t turn out quite that way… the location was louder then I wanted it to be so networking was complicated. The location was overbooked and an entertainer came to sing and play intstruments for a group of twins and triplets! So in the end it was the speakers talking, with a little networking, I think people still left with information but my idea was a little bigger.


So. Apart from loving how awesome Stephanie herself is as well as the project she worked on, I have another reason for voting for her team. I think the team purpose is an important one… especially when I consider how people who are doing what they love, tend to be happier than those who are unsatisfied. And happiness is something worth spreading and modeling. Especially to our children.   Like it has been said before- having work that you love definitely makes the time spent away from your loves, more worthwhile.

It’s challenging and thrilling in ways that improve me as a person and leave me exhausted but further impassioned. It’s something I definitely want my kids to see me experience so they can learn/teach along with me. Not that I have kidS yet but we’ll get there. Right now Chésaweh and I are figuring out how to make this work for both of us. It’s exciting to consider how beneficial it would be to connect with other entrepreneurs about this. And ask how they balance it all… children, life, work!

Want to learn what happened at the event Stephanie planned? Go here! That’s where the below shot is from. And then go vote… bonus is you can then enter the sweepstakes! Who couldn’t use an extra dollar or two, am I right? 😀


Stephanie, my friend, I am so grateful for a little more insight into your life and work. Thanks so much for agreeing to this little interview. You are always so fun and sweet to connect with. I’m definitely voting for you because I also love that you have such great ambitions and I have no doubts that you’ll get there! Can’t wait to hear more about what you get up to and create. I hope that you, my dear reader, will join me in voting for Stephanie’s team!


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