Betcha by golly, WOW!! Crave Photography’s giving away the farm!





I cannot describe how excited and hopeful I am right now. Just had a ridiculous day that ended with a wonderful couple hours at the park with my two guys. The cherry on top is a contest that Crave Photography is having: 2-day all expense paid private in-person workshop!! Wow.

What a boost that would be for me… both personally and businessly.



I just wrote ‘businessly’.

It made sense at the time.

*wipes tears from eyes*

Good thing I find myself amusing, hey?

Anyway, back to my point. What was my point? Oh yes. This contest.

I was just thrilled to read about it today because I could use a boost. I love doing what I’m lucky enough to do, and I’m SO grateful that Cameron is willing to carry the (heavy) load financially while I’m building my business. It definitely has not grown as fast as I wanted or expected it to (can you say impatient?) but it’s growing. Slowly but surely. Between growing this business and raising our now two year old, my plate has been overflowing. And I’m exhausted. Beyond grateful that I get to be at home with my beautiful boy and experience every milestone firsthand but also exhausted. The last time we had something as simple as a movie at a theater was before I was pregnant! For two movie lovers like us, that may as well be eons. Our belts have been tightened, and we’ve cut out every luxury. So, an all expense trip to learn more about this thing I love and a break from being caretaker number uno? That would be an INCREDIBLE gift.

Andrea Tate of Crave Photography is inspiring. And seriously awesome. She already does so much for the photography industry- generous with her time and knowledge and creating community. I love the connections I’ve made (with other photographers and vendors) simply through being a fan of their Facebook page and reading their blog. If you’re not already a fan/follower/liker, I encourage you to sort yourself out immediately. Oh, and enter this contest!! 😀

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    Karima April 29, 2011

    Good luck with this. You deserve to win:)

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