Friends make chicken soup

On our way back from picking up Kirsty at the airport, I got sick. And stayed sick for three days or so. And Kirsty? Well, she just brought her bags in and started playing with Chésaweh while I found a bucket and lay clutching it and moaning. A little while later, she started making chicken soup and continued playing with Chésaweh too, while I lay clutching my bucket.

What a welcome!

Thank goodness for friends. Thank goodness for friends who’ll just step into your life again and pick up where you left off. Thank goodness for friends who are there through the thick and thin, and willing to make you chicken soup!


Kirsty? Love you! Theta what?!!



You’re beautiful. Thanks for being you.


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    Carylon November 24, 2011

    Great post. My visitors have been asking about this, do you mind if I re-print this on my site? I will of course give full credit to this site, and I will link to you if you like. Thanks.

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    Karima April 29, 2011

    Really lovely and sweet. And so pretty!

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    ajira April 18, 2011

    Yay! Love you!

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    Kirsty Jane April 18, 2011

    You made me cry 🙂 I love you too, my dear friend. And I love this pic. I’d make you chicken soup any day. Theta who!!

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