New Leaf

I’ve been sick. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick. I really would have loved to lie in bed drifting in and out to sleep. It would have been even better if my mommy had been here, plying me with soup and family remedies and admonishing me to wrap a kanga around my neck, and cover my feet with Vicks and socks. Am I the only one who REALLY misses my mama when I’m sick?

Okay, fine. I might be exaggerating a tiny bit. (About being sick. Not about missing my mama.) I can see how someone reading the above might be left with the impression that I have some permanently disfiguring, rare and unknown disease. It’s actually just a cold. But it sucks. Sucks bad. And HRG has it too which just makes it worse because I literally know exactly what he’s going through, and it sucks. Worse thing is when he wakes himself up because he forgot to breathe through his mouth and he’s petrified from the shock. Oh! And of course, I can’t lie in bed drifting in and out of sleep when there’s HRG to care for. Now, I’m counting on the day when I’m old and he’ll take care of me. Buahahahahaha!

I have way more interesting and uplifting things to share shortly. I promise. I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for reading. Ha!

So, here’s a shot that I’m really loving at the moment because it reminds me that there’s always new growth. Always. And the new growth is just as beautiful as the old and dying crinkly leaves that are about to be shed. Life is beautiful. Always. Even when I’m sick, my nose is peeling from being rubbed so much and I’m feeling stuffy and achey… New growth is about to reveal itself!



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