One Picture, Three Ways

Sometimes I know what a photo is going to look like before I take it. Often it’s more like I get this feeling of connection and just have to go with what my eyes are seeing before my brain has a chance to even compute it into thoughts. It’s a very zen sensation. A feeling of oneness and rightness.


Sometimes I do hardly anything to a photo before I share it, just a little add contrast or vibrancy… Other times I do more with the exposure, saturation or tint.

Once in a while, I can’t make up my mind which edit I like best.







Now you see why I call him HRG, right? As in His Royal Gorgeousness.


I’ve started an album on my Facebook page to share more of these. I’d be thrilled to see some of your images where you couldn’t make your mind up about an edit!! Come join us!


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  1. Reply
    Karima June 22, 2011

    How did you do this? It could only have been without trying. There’s no way if you tried to produce a human this beautiful, that he’d be this beautiful. I see G.O.D in him. Every aspect of his face is perfect. There’s something about this age as well, the way their faces look. Not baby anymore, but not full kid either. Anyway, love love love this photo. Please send it to me. I want to frame it, or photoblock it, or something. It will be displayed somewhere close to me. Also, let’s skype. love you. ps. Funny how his nose looks more nkhoma than yours does:)

  2. Reply
    ajira June 12, 2011

    He does Jeannie! I like the crop too. He’s got such a lovely punim. 😀

  3. Reply
    Jeannie June 10, 2011

    Ches has the most amazing eyes. I love the 2nd one!

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