Simple and true

Oh dear.

My anniversary was yesterday, May 16th. NOT today, May 17th.

Just noticed that yesterday’s post was showing up on the wrong date. Thought about changing it but decided to leave it because it makes me laugh. You see, originally, I wanted us to get married on May 17th. We’d settled on May and I wanted the 17th because we’d met on September 17th. And yes, I’m drawn to that kind of symmetry. I don’t know why but I like it. Unfortunately, May 17th was a Monday in 2004 and Cameron was concerned that people might not be able to take off work to come. So, after my pouting proved ineffective, we settled on May 16th.

Fast forward months later when we were filling out my official government paperwork so I could live and work here, and I went and listed May 17th as our wedding date! To the GOVERNMENT!! Who don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour. Took me a  month or two to realise what I’d done and I was mortified. In fact, at one point I was convinced that secret agents were going to abseil into our tiny apartment in San Francisco and pin me to the ground yelling, ‘who do you work for? WHO do you work for?!’

Yes. My parents always told me I had a powerful imagination.

I wrote them a letter explaining the whole thing. As it turned out, although they didn’t giggle about it, they didn’t seem put off either and just went ahead and corrected my mistake. Not as exciting as what I’d imagined but probably a lot less painful. Ha!


I shot a fundraising gala almost a week and a half ago for the amazing Curry Senior Center and was struck by the simple yet beautiful floral arrangements they had on their tables:



I love it when floral arrangements include plants other than flowers. They’re all so beautiful and striking… and in this case, edible as well! It was sweet. Sometimes it doesn’t need to be big and complicated. It can just be simple and true. More on the Curry Senior Center soon.



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