Sitting on a wall at San Jose airport


We waved at my dad until we couldn’t see him anymore beyond the security gates at San Jose International airport. Then with a heavy sigh from me, we set off on a little walk from Terminal A back to Terminal B where we’d parked our car. I was grateful for the time we’d had together and I was also already missing him again.

As we walked, Chésaweh kept saying ‘hi’ to everyone we passed, climbing onto walls and benches and exploring everything surrounding us. I was soon caught up in photographing him as he did it. Then we’d hold hands again and walk a little further, discussing what we saw. We stopped to check out a truck and watched some people load it. We said hello to the driver of an armoured truck (who then hooted the strange horn for us) and the driver of a bus. We looked at a bench with holes in it, and at a centipede crawling by. We sat on a short wall and watched cars drive by and looked at clouds. Then we got in the car, sang to old Motown classics and he fell asleep.

I’m grateful for how much in the moment he is. And how easy it is to join him there.


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    ajira May 29, 2011

    He’s styling in those boots from his auntie K! Thank you!!

  2. Reply
    Karima May 29, 2011

    Looking mighty cute and munchable.

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