A mother’s arms hold the world

On a foggy weekend morning at the Legion of Honour in the city, I had the heartwarming privilege of capturing Betsabe and her mum who was visiting from Mexico with my camera. They were nurturing, affectionate and oh! So! Beautiful! We laughed, they smiled and my heart grew heavy and full with all the love surrounding us.











More from this session soon. Thanks again for a gorgeous morning, las modelos!


(Yep. I just posted an inside joke on my blog. Don’t hate me ‘cos I’m beautiful.)


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    Susan Reynolds July 22, 2011

    I added a comment yesterday but for some reason it did not show???
    I would have loved to have photos like this with both my mom and my precious little grandmother, but alas, both are gone to heaven with my son William…all left this life too soon, so I’m going to make sure to do more shots with my precious daughter….inspiring love between mother and daughter so beautifully portrayed with your photography! Love them!!!

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    Kelli July 21, 2011

    Amazing! What a keepsake!

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    Sara July 21, 2011

    Beautiful pictures! I would love pictures like this with my mom and me. Very lucky women!

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