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I have a lot to be grateful for in my life in general and this week in particular. Writing these gratitude posts once a week is helping me be mindful of that. It’s been quite the week.

A dear friend left me thinking about how lucky I am when she went off to visit her grandma in the hospital a few hours ago. It’s so easy to feel incredibly isolated and lonely here, especially when most of your life is centered in your home and just about any engagement with people seems to require coordination and scheduling. I really miss the spontaneous, organic gatherings of my childhood. I still dream that someday I will live somewhere where that will be the norm.


In the meanwhile, I wanted to thank all the beautiful people who helped us this week. Lots of folks expressed their sympathy, support and encouragement on FB, Twitter and email and for that I am deeply grateful. It’s always touching to know that somewhere out there, someone is thinking of us.

I am especially grateful, however, to a few friends who were able to support us in person. There’s nothing quite like that human touch, is there?

Shelly & Jamieson- thanks for everything. Particularly for dropping your steaks to get us to the ER. You guys are what friends are made of.

Beth & fam- thanks for watching Chésaweh and me.. just like we were part of the family.

Peter, MarySue & Co – thanks for always being there for us, no matter what.

Joann – thanks for (all too brief!!) visit and the meal drop off. Delicious, nutritious and SO appreciated.


We love you guys so much! Thank you!!


I am also feeling incredibly grateful to the staff at Kaiser Richmond who renewed my trust in the KP group. I had a rather horrendous experience at Kaiser Oakland when I wound up there to birth my son and have felt rather ambivalent about their services since then. This visit was markedly different. There were still a few staff members who were rude, disconnected and cold. Thankfully, none of them were directly responsible for my care. I found those that were, were kind, compassionate, informative, empathetic, accomodating and connected.

Thank you to all of you – Ian, Dr. Leland, Peggy, Rose, Ronie, Belinda, Jennifer, Nancy, Dr. Fisher, Raj, Dr. Hackford, Barbara, Ayesha, Bo, Michelle, May, June, Brenda, Alicia, Jaspreet, Arjay, Harrison, Pat, Abby, Kim, Ms. Collier, Amanda, Michael, Sarah, Denise.  Apologies if I forgot anyone’s name. I am grateful nonetheless for your gracious care.


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    wedding November 8, 2011

    I agree completely!

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