The gall!

If we’re not connected through Facebook or Twitter, then you may not have heard about my recent bout with gall stones and then a gall bladder infection.

It began with severe abdominal pain which landed me in the ER on Tuesday night, followed by admittance into the hospital and finally surgery on Wednesday afternoon. After recovering for a few hours overnight they were ready to let me go home and it’s been kinda unreal to come back home, sans gall bladder.

Navigating this very unexpected incident has been difficult but Cameron keeps reminding me that the most important thing is to focus on recovering as completely and quickly as possible and that seems to entail a total focus on that first and foremost.

I’ll be doing my best to stay in touch and keep you posted. I have loved hearing from many of you and the help of friends has been invaluable. Particularly since our families are so far away.

This is my first attempt at blogging from my phone so please excuse any typos and bugs. Will try and share some images too but have no idea if it’ll work!!

Meanwhile, do connect with me on my Facebook page or on twitter!

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