Grandma visits for a day!

I can’t quite believe it’s already been two weeks since my surgery. I am well on my way to being fully myself again and actually managed to get a bit of editing done in these last couple of days. It’s definitely slow going and my usually impatient nature is something I have to wrangle because I am determined to ensure that my recovery does not languish. I’d like to avoid this kind of invasive procedure in my future as well, and there’s  nothing like the pain of healing incisions to motivate change in a life! Ha!!

We’ve been lucky to have friends helping us tremendously to cope with healing and resting… I mentioned a few last Sunday and this week, big thanks goes to Beth, Shelly, Linda, Revi and Rebecca. My mother-in-law also came over from Long Beach for one day (huge deal since my father-in-law is himself recovering from a much bigger surgery- a second kidney transplant!) and it was lovely to see her. We talked and connected and it was gratifying and affirming to be heard. Best of all though, was getting some pictures of Chésaweh with his grandma!

He’s just learned to wink so we HAD to get a shot of both of them at it… for grandpa! I’m sure by now this one’s been printed and framed at a certain home in the LBC! 😀



After playing with trains and the new blocks grandma brought, it was time to play outside. Picking apples from our tree….


A little running after a couple rounds of ‘Ring a ring o’ roses’… (in case you’re wondering, that word in chalk means welcome in KiSwahili)


Drawing a tail for grandma. And then another for grandpa. Don’t ask me what that’s about. Just know that if he likes you, he’ll draw you a tail on the stone path to our front door.





One of my favourite portraits of grandma.



Some cuddles… note the scarves… after Chésaweh advised grandma to put on a scarf before heading outside, he insisted on putting one himself and chose this red one!



Then some kisses…


There’s naught better in this world than having this kid run into your arms!



And finally… what I like to call ‘The Ché Effect’… total bliss!


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    Michelle September 4, 2011

    What beautiful moments you have captured!!!!!

    I hope your healing continues to go well!!!!!

    Also, I hope your father in law’s body continues to accept the kidney. Praying for a smooth recovery for him. My younger brother is coming up on a second transplant as well.

    • Reply
      ajira September 5, 2011

      Thanks Michelle! And thanks for the good wishes for myself and my FIL. He seems to be doing well so far, thank goodness! Hope your brother’s transplant goes smoothly!

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