Bloom like an artist

I saw this amazing Ida Eva illustration on my web-buddy Alex’s blog a few days ago and it’s just stayed on my mind. Something about it just resonates with me. I’ve been to that place where my art felt meaningless… and I forgot that art is revolutionary, it’s love, it’s fearlessness. And we’re all doing it, all the time.

Creating your very life is ART.

I hope that the reminder that there are no borders (except the ones we ourselves make or accept) will nudge you to bloom like an artist too!

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    C# October 15, 2011

    i don’t want to grow up to be an artist… I was born an artist, already am an artist, and always will be an artist. Making art is one thing pure and simple. Selling it for a living is something else. A balance is required so that we as artists don’t lose the simple part of making art. love your posts!

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