Digital photographs get developed too!

For most people, gone are the days of inhaling those delightful (not!) darkroom chemicals while staring, gobsmacked, at the magic of an image appearing right before your eyes. There’s really nothing quite like it. Just thinking about it gets me itching to step back into it. These days however, most people are shooting digital and even those who do use film are not developing it themselves but instead sending it off to a lab. Which doesn’t reduce the magic much but still makes the experience a little… different.

However, just because you can print digital images directly off your card or camera doesn’t mean you should!

LOL. I’ve always wanted to apply that ‘just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ phrase to something. Yes, I’m feeling quite pleased with myself right now. Tickled pink, in fact.

Back to what I was saying though- although my awesome (seriously, she’s AWESOME. So awesome in fact that I’ve named her Wondee… 1D… Wondee… geddit? geddit?) camera does a fabulous job capturing a slice of your life…. what she gets is really just the base of what I’m seeing. She’s got a lot to track after all, even with me manually setting the ISO, aperture and shutter speed, so what she gets is really just the beginning. After I get the images loaded up to my computer, then I get to complete my vision by enhancing the images so they look like what I saw AND what I want to convey through it.

In my digital darkroom.

Sans the stinky chemicals.


My web-buddy, Alex Beadon, illustrates this super effectively through a little thing she calls Edit This Photo. She posts one of her own photographs and invites one and all to download and edit it. Then she shares everyone’s results. It’s pretty amazing to see how differently people treat the same image. This last time she did it, I managed to participate. Yay me!


This is the original photograph, unedited, taken by Alex:

And here’s my edit of her image:

Editing someone else’s image is pretty intense for me as I have no idea what Alex (or the model) was seeing or thinking about when she shot this. I did a colour edit first which was pretty clean and bright but… I just didn’t click with it. So I futzed a little more and when I got it here, it just fit. For me. There’s a dreamy, ethereal quality about her expression and the way her arms are placed that really comes across in this b&w edit which I love.

Go have a look here to see the many different edits that folks from all over the world came up with. It’s quite incredible really, and I hope it provides you with further insight into the artistic process. It’s definitely not just about clicking that shutter!

Oh, and have you booked your mini session yet? 😀

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