On receiving support.

Oh, yes! On a roll here. Two posts in one day! Woot. Couldn’t let a chance to share what I’m grateful for pass me by though. šŸ˜€ Speaking of which, I’d be grateful if you’d get on the horn and book your mini session! Ha!!


Some years ago, I was complaining to my dad about something or other. Essentially, it was about having asked for support and received what I perceived as criticism instead. I was quite upset and had a lot to say about it. After listening to my entire tirade, my father looked at me and gently suggested, ‘How about taking it all as support? Even when you’re certain it’s not, how about just looking at it for what it’s worth to you and letting the rest of it go?’

I’m sure I balked, ‘ What? Let it go?! And then what would I have to get indignant and upset about?!’

But the man made sense and for weeks and maybe even months, those words stuck in my head and I was able to take most anything with an open heart. Then life continued and I forgot. I started having expectations and demands again about how things and folks should be.

Last night, I remembered. Because recently, I asked for support and didn’t get it the way that I expected or wanted it. It didn’t look the way that I wanted it to. I became indignant and upset about it. And yet, my reaction to it has been a revelation. In thinking about why I feel offended and disrespected, I have distilled what motivates, inspires and fills me with gratitude for what I do.

I am grateful to be a mother to my child and the way that I do it matters to me. Although I don’t get paid to do it, and it seems like most consider it effortless, it IS a full time job and I am lucky to have it.

I am grateful to be an artist who gets to create works of art based on daily life and the simple love that creates family.

Photography is my zen.

I’m happy to be behind the lens photographing most anything but I feel most connected to the world, most at one with it when I’m photographing connection and emotion. Snippets of our existence.

So, thank you for that nugget you gave me years ago, daddy. I’m taking it all as support- looking at it for what it’s worth to me… and letting the rest of it go.


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