Dust yourself off!

This kid, my kid, slipped on the step of a play structure while we were in Walnut Creek on Friday and got a fat lip. He cried, I wanted to cry but instead tried really hard not to freak out at the copious amounts of blood pouring out of him while I held him. I wiped his face, put a little pressure on the cut to slow the bleeding and checked that he wasn’t hurt anywhere else.

He gave me a watery smile, and declared that he wanted to climb up and come down the slide, one more time.

That’s just how he is.

Picks himself up, tells it how it is, and then has at it, one more time.





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    ajira November 7, 2011

    I’m not sure it’s a boy thing, Nicole. I was just like this as a kid. I’m pretty sure he gets it from me. And I’m pretty sure any girls we have will be climbing, running and jumping too. Sheer insanity but fun!

  2. Reply
    Nicole Leebeck November 6, 2011

    Aww! What is life as a boy with out a little road-rash, dirty hands and knees and silly grins for mama?! Don’t ya just love how they suddenly remember they aren’t hurt ~that~ badly?

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