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If you haven’t heard, I’m running a super-duper one-in-a-gazillion-lifetimes deal on LivingSocial this week… thanks for checking it out and thanks for buying a session. I’m chuffed. Seriously chuffed and excited to be photographing you and your families. Or just you. Or just your families. 😀

I’ll be doing a series of posts this week to answer some questions that have come up. Okay? Ready? Here we go.


The Process

  1. Buy your voucher from LivingSocial
  2. Send me an email (even if you don’t know your dates yet, let’s start having a conversation… I can help you figure out when might be best.)
  3. Let’s meet over skype or in person (or the phone if the first two are absolutely impossible) for our pre-shoot consultation. This is when we get a feel for each other, you can ask me any question you like and we can figure out what we’re going for in your session… and then settle on the location and styling (fancy word for what you’ll wear and what you’ll be surrounded by. Ha!)
  4. SESSION!!!
  5. Let’s meet again and look at the gorgeousness that is you. In living colour. We’ll pick the shot for your complimentary print and you’ll see your beautiful slideshow for the first time. Then you can tell me what other images you can’t live without and whether you’d like them in a 20×30 canvas or a beautiful leather album!
  6. I deliver your goodies, you drool over them and can’t stop showing everyone! 😀




  1. Reply
    ajira November 3, 2011

    That’s right, Jane! You will receive an 8×10 mounted print of your choice, as well as all the session images in a downloadable slideshow – great for your smartphone, pc and online sharing!!

    Hope to photograph you soon!

  2. Reply
    Jane November 2, 2011

    Just for clarification, does that mean we do not get the cd of the pictures only one printed pic of our choice and a slideshow?

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