Jennifer + Jesse + Eric + Cory + Aaron


Jennifer and Jesse are the lucky parents of three precocious, energetic and affectionate boys. During the time we spent together one weekend morning, I was constantly struck by how close this family was and in particular, how closely knit the boys were. Their individual personalities shone through, clear and bright and yet, the connection between them was just as powerful.










Jennifer + Jesse – thank you so much for sharing your lovely family with me! I loved meeting each of you. Seeing you two lovebirds, so tender with each other gave me hope! Ha! Thanks again and I hope you love what we created as much as I do!! 😀

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    Angela & Jaime December 29, 2011

    Wow – you’ve really done a wonderful job of capturing each of the boys and their loving parents. Great photos of a wonderful family.

  2. Reply
    Alex December 23, 2011

    Oh my gosh, Ajira, I’m LOVING these photos! They are so bright and happy, and I’m loving this family – they are so cute together :). Great job!

  3. Reply
    Nancy and Larry December 22, 2011

    Jennifer Jesse Eric Cory Aaron:
    GREAT PICTURES!! so very cute and nicely done. Thank you

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