Figure it out. And Kickstarter

Two amazing videos I just wanted to share with you today.

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes everything just lines up at the exact right time and you hear exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it? Well, Alex Beadon shared this video on her blog yesterday. I’m already familiar with Danielle LaPorte‘s work, so I knew it’d be good. Then I watched it. And watched it again. Got a little teary and decided I had to share it with you.



Then, of course, there’s this great looking project on Kickstarter. Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s an awesome platform for creatives to find funding for their projects. Seriously, this site is full of amazing people, doing amazing things. And this one is a little closer to my heart because it’s a documentary that follows three photographers around so you can get a first hand view of their lives, work and process. Sounds fascinating, no? Hey, if you ever want to spend the day with me and witness the cray-cray adventures I deal with on the daily, just call! 😀 Ha!!



What did I tell you?!! Go check it out and look around, you might see something that inspires you!


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