Before or after?

Sometimes, I love an image straight out of the camera and then process it anyway and can’t decide if I like the before or after better. Does that ever happen to you? Here’s an example of one that happened recently that I absolutely love.



I upped the contrast, vibrance and definition a tad and then brightened it a bit. Basically made the colours and detail pop a bit more. Not a huge difference, but definitely noticeable. Which do you prefer?



I’m not one for heavy processing anyway, so my edits tend to be more enhancements than big changes. I like it that way. I do my best to capture exactly what I want in camera but some time in the digital darkroom is usually needed to fine tune my vision. At the moment I use Aperture about 98% of the time and only take it to The PhotoShop on occasion. 😀 I like it that way.


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