One photo, three ways.

Ms. Fabulous herself, Alex Beadon, (London based super creative portrait photographer and photoshop maven) has a challenge she likes to issue to fellow photographers about once a month, called Edit This Photo. She posts a picture of hers for anyone to download and edit however they wish. Then she puts them together into one post and we get to marvel at the differences and similaries in our collective creative visions. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed on her blog and I think I may have mentioned it here before.

Anyway, this time I did not get my edit to her in time. Even though I did it (for a change) within a day or so of her posting the invitation. I just did my edits, got them ready (resizing and sharpening for web), saved and then promptly forgot about them. D’oh! ๐Ÿ™‚ So I thought I’d share them here instead! ๐Ÿ˜€

Here’s the original:


Annnnnd, here are my edits! Loved them both!

I don’t typically do very dramatic editing on my work. I like it to be clean and as reflective of reality as possible. I’m usually more focused on the expressions or story being told. My number one goal is to get the photo as close to perfect as I can in camera. That being said, sometimes I know when I’m taking the photo that I’m going to bring out certain aspects in my virtual darkroom. I know that to get the image to look more like I’m seeing it in my mind’s eye is beyond the camera’s ability in that moment, and some post-shooting processing will be required, and I revel in it.

Other times, I know going in that what I’m capturing in camera is just the foundation and all the real work will begin once I’ve got the image in Photoshop. Once I’m there, I let myself go and experiment with whatever strikes me. With these images, I definitely did that. It didn’t take me too long as I knew what I was going for but I didn’t constrain myself at all and if I accidentally stepped into something that looked better than I imagined, I went with it. All that to say that it was FUN!


With the black and white edit I knew I wanted DRAMA and mystery. With that tiny smile, she looks like she knows something we don’t… almost coy. I imagine that she’s just about to raise her eyelids and bat those maginifecent eyelashes at us while she laughs at our consternation in delight. (Yeah, images speak to me. What can I tell you?)

You KNOW I love black and white. So deeply. I still think film renders black and white best, and typically prefer to shoot it in film when I can but I am also enjoying the thrill of the chase in trying to find a digital black and white that comes close to being as beautiful. I want deep blacks and crisp whites with lots of detail and a vast tonal range in the greys. Sometimes I like a little silver, yellow or brown to add some depth and warmth but sometimes I just want it straight. There are many, many variations out there. I love Alex’s silver direction action. I adore Totally Rad‘s various b&ws, I’ve got a couple I made myself that I LOVE and my favourite is the monochrome my camera makes. I’ll show you some SOOC sometime so you can see what I mean.



Check out Alex’s post where she shared everyone’s edits! You’ll marvel. I promise! HA!


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