Sick. Sick. Sick.

Oh yeah. We’re sick. Happy June 1st 2nd! 😀

Don’t mind me. I’ll just be coughing, hacking and sniffling over here. Oh, and moaning. Moaning a whole bunch. Because I am THAT kind of sick person. Good times! Just to make things really fun, the kiddo is sick too. He got sick first and then, because we’ve taught him sharing is caring, I did too.

Part of me is like, yeah, this is good… I’m now producing antibodies that will help him heal faster. Another part of me is thinking, ‘oh. That means he’ll be better before I am and you know what that means.’ Because, folks, when this kid (who really ought to have been named something that means MOVE) has been sick (read – still) for a few days… then as soon as he starts to feel better, he starts to bounce off the walls. I wish I was joking.

If I’m still ill (and sore) at that point, then it’s going to suck for both of us. But mostly for me. Because watching him bounce off the walls will hurt my eyeballs. And having him bounce off me (I WISH I was joking) will hurt even more. Not being up for taking him to the park or museum where he can really run around and have a good time, will suck the most though. For sure.

Now, here are some sick pictures.



I wouldn’t do that to you. Come on! (Or did you think I meant SICK!!! pictures!? Yeah. None of those today either.) Just some pretty pictures of pretty flowers seen while exploring the neighbourhood. ‘Cos that’s what you give a sick person. Right? So they forget how awful they feel and look. So they’re distracted by nature’s bounty and jewels. Yeah. Exactly. So, umm, here you go.




Hmm. Okay. So I’ve apparently got a bit of a golden poppy obsession, huh? Since it’s the state flower for my current home state though, I’m not going to sweat it. They’re pretty. And they remind me of Kirsty. So there. (And if anyone wants to do a family or child portrait session in a field of poppies? I am SO there!!)


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