peach cobbler

I felt I’d mastered The Pie (after baking three cherry and two apple pies over the course of almost two months – hah!) so I thought I’d try a cobbler. Boy oh boy was that more complicated than expected.

First of all, people don’t agree on what a cobbler actually is so everyone has a variation. Some have a cake-y topping, others a harder, more biscuit-y one and yet others use a simple pie crust just on top. For some reason, this recipe looked the most like a cobbler to me so I tried it. It didn’t work out too well, was too thin and damp… although I did manage to force it down. I just tried to make it again but used a variation based on this recipe and I liked the outcome but still found it off a little bit. Clearly I’ve got to keep making this until I get it right. Right?!

Anyway, I’m no food photographer but I’m learning. Here’s a few shots of my most recent effort at peach cobbler.

What are you doing with the summer bounty of fruit?

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    Shelly September 7, 2012

    I’m eating this summer’s fruit. I love having blueberries and strawberries in the house. Although they disappear quite fast.

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