Weekly photo prompt: Seen from a different angle

Do you do them? I see daily and weekly prompts all over the interwebs, from shuttersisters and iheartfaces to Fat Mum Slim and project life 365. One of my faves is the one my friend Shelly runs. Every week she posts a prompt on her blog and invites us to look at our lives a little more closely. I love them and I thought you might as well. Go look at this week’s prompt- Sun Flare. Wherever you post it, instagram/facebook/twitter/flickr/g+, make sure to tag your photo with #wpmyview so we can all see it.

Flare is one of my favourite things so I was quite excited about this one. It is just sooooo pretty. Honestly, it’s quite rare that I think there’s too much flare in a picture… it just adds that long summer days nostalgia to an image and I adore that. On the other hand, I can’t imagine an entire session’s worth of images done with flare. You definitely have to be a little more conscious of what you’re using it on.

Here’s an example of it in a photo of the kiddo, looking impish while playing on the sidewalk. It was pretty late in the day and the light was just gorgeous.



Okay. I’ll concede that there may be a little too much in this one of Shelly. But it still makes me smile! I even love that haze and all it does is remind me of how warm that day was. And how lovely it was to sit in sun so bright, all I wanted to do was close my eyes and lean back, feeling the light on my skin. Listening to my friend talk and watching my family play. Warm, fuzzy feelings ensue.




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