It’s been a while…

Did I get that Stained song stuck in your head now?

Well. Life has happened since I last posted. Unsurprisingly. They really meant it when they said ‘Time marches on’. Don’t ask me who they is. I have no idea.

I got hacked. Not as glamorous as you might imagine. Decidedly less so in fact. And more likely some bot built by a 6yo than the 6yo herself as she’s busy doing more interesting things. Anyway, I’ve not had access to post or edit anything on the blog for most of that time. Happy to be back. I’ve been posting more on my personal blog and that has been really good for me.

You may see a few wonky things about the site that I’m still working on resolving. I’ll get there. Thanks for being patient.

In about a month’s time I will have a 5 year old child. Mind. Blown. That’s been true throughout my experience of motherhood… I am constantly blown away by the experience… it is always more and different than I expect. My heart keeps growing and I keep learning.

I’m working on  various personal projects- which has been incredibly rewarding. Love staying excited about making photographs.

I’ve got a few slots open for March, so give me a call and book a lifestyle session today. It’s the perfect weather for it!

Leave some love or just let me know what's on your mind!!

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