Fresh Pear Pie


Fresh pear pie, cooling over a rack with foil underneath to catch drips.It was very bubbly while hot. Shortly after taking this shot, I heard that a certain someone had eaten all three of those layered, buttery, crispy, pie crusty pears on top there. He was delighted about it and utterly unrepentant too. Once it cooled, we all enjoyed a slice. Okay, it was not quite cool, actually still rather warm and so it was way more gooey and saucy and just perfect. Did you bake this weekend?

I learned to bake a pie so I could make a cherry one for Cameron for his birthday a few years ago. Then I started making other pies too and I’m always curious about a new fruit filling. I was thinking that pears were probably too soft and delicate to withstand a bake whole but my concerns were assuaged by this recipe which was simple and quick. You don’t stew the pears in sugar and lemon juice but instead layer them, raw, with a mix that bakes up like a tangy caramel.

I started by making my favourite pie crust. Okay, it’s also the only one I know but it’s amazing. And I don’t even have a pastry cutter or food processor. I just use two butter knives. Or steak knives, as my mood takes me. After it had chilled overnight, we made this fresh pear pie.  The filling is perfect and firmed up nicely as it cooled. The crust on the edge is perfect. The middle though? It was a little soggy. Could have done with a few more minutes and my steam vents sucked. I’d like to try a lattice top crust with the next one. We used the sugar we had, Trader Joe’s organic. Not white, as called for in the recipe. And we added a half-tablespoon of cinnamon instead of the the teaspoon. Also brushed the top with milk and dusted with same sugar before popping in the oven. If I’d had a slightly rockier sugar, like turbinado, I’d have used it. Either way works though. As I always do, I’ve already imagined variations of this pie I’d like to try. Maybe add some anise or ginger? Trade the flour for ground flax seed? Use more pears, for sure! 😀

Okay. So apparently, I really wanted to share my thoughts about my pie with you. It was delicious. If you have any interest in pears or pies, you should make it. 😀

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