Birth Photography

Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am so excited that you’re considering birth photography! I would be deeply honoured to join your birth team and document this incredible process.

I am very familiar with and passionate about birth and about respecting a person’s choice to birth as they wish. My style of capture is naturally photojournalistic and for births, even more so. I won’t be asking you to pose and certainly won’t adjust lights or anything else. This moment is all about you and making sure you are as comfortable and secure to birth as you wish. Whether you’re giving birth at home or in a birth center or hospital, I will be in the background, observing and capturing all the little details you’ll want to revel in later!

We’ll discuss what is and isn’t okay with you before hand, and if anything changes, I will absolutely respect your wishes. Including if you change your mind about having it documented after all! If you change your mind or I am unable to attend your birth (and you haven’t requested a back up photographer) then you are entitled to a portrait session, which I highly recommend you use to document moments in those first couple days of birth, everything is so fresh and new… there’s nothing like it!

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